Play Bold: Swing hard and grow with new roles


Tonight, we have Jens Saltin, how made an unbelievable career starting in the early days at Klarna, today Europe’s higher valued FinTech Company, ending up in the global team, and now decided to start up his entrepreneurial career. 

Welcome to the philosopher, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and FinTech expert, Jens Saltin.

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Episode 4 · 2 months ago

Play Bold: The ride to the next level

How do you build an electric motorcycle that can be composted but can still be an icon for the fashionable set? And why would anyone want to do that when the whole world is saying that its a crazy idea and won’t work? In this upcoming podcast of Magnus Penker with friends, Magnus interviews Taras Kravtchouk, founder of Tarform, a skyrocketing start-up covered in major magazines and newspapers like the New York Times. He is a designer, entrepreneur, a Zen philosopher, and a hardcore biker living in Brooklyn. He will transform how you see the concept of a motorcycle. This is a ride you will not forget.

Episode 3 · 3 months ago

Play Bold: The Excellence of innovation José Pires

Mr. José Pires give his perspective of the “I love myself” wall, what it felt like to be confronted by his new Japanese boss on his first day at Sony, who demanded that he generate 100 new ideas each week, and how Nestlé became one of the most innovative companies in the world. Listen to Magnus Penker’s guest Mr. José Pires, a seasoned former executive who has advised several of the world's most reputed organizations, as he describes his humoristic take on life, the game-changing challenges he had to overcome, and the wisdom he acquired along the way. Welcome to humor, culture clashes, growth, mistakes, success, and the brutal truth about corporate innovation.

Episode 2 · 3 months ago

Play Bold: Special guest the brain of the Year Professor Leif Edvinsson

What can we learn from the space race between the former Soviet Union and the US? How can cinnamon increase your innovation capability? Is the world linear or nonlinear? How can we use the Japanese -BA form to figure the future out? In this epic interview, listen to the thoughts of Magnus Penker and friends and to Professor Leif Edvinsson, the Brain of the Year 1998, who has been recognized as one of the most influential thinkers in the world. Fasten your seat belts and get ready!

Episode 1 · 3 months ago

Play Bold: Magnus Penker with guests

Let Magnus Penker and friends inspire you to tackle innovation and growth. We are getting back on track in the podcast series Play Bold, as we ramp up for the launch of Magnus Penkerís new book Play Bold: How to Win the Business Game through Creative Destruction.î In this episode, editor Alinka Rutkowska interviews Magnus about the new series. They discuss the guests and reveal the true stories behind the events described in the book. The podcast is full of humor, secrets that cannot be printed, and thought-provoking statements from world-leading thinkers, Hollywood producers, creative artists, CEOs, professors, and many others! Welcome to Play Bold!