Play Bold: Swing hard and grow with new roles


Tonight, we have Jens Saltin, how made an unbelievable career starting in the early days at Klarna, today Europe’s higher valued FinTech Company, ending up in the global team, and now decided to start up his entrepreneurial career. 

Welcome to the philosopher, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and FinTech expert, Jens Saltin.

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Episode 7 · 1 month ago

Play Bold: The Theological approach connecting the dots

Meet the theologist Louise Callenberg, trained to be a priest, saddled to be the digital transformer creating interlinked regional execution platforms to elevate entrepreneurship and sustainable growth in the society. Louise Callenberg is the theologian, intrapreneur, and leader with long experience from NGOs and the public sector of Sweden, bringing new fresh perspectives on creating a better world through connecting the dots in the society using the entrepreneurial power to fix what's wrong.

Episode 7 · 2 months ago

Play Bold: Bolder Leaders of our Time

The award-winning Stanford, Harvard, Rise, and Northwestern Professor Dr. Lynn W. Phillips epical interview where he discussed how it was to have the world's fourth-richest person on the planet in his class. Lynn also discusses how he declared victory over his cancer where he had a 5% chance of survival, and his perspective on how to create true customer value that goes far beyond the board room.

Episode 6 · 2 months ago

Play Bold: Whose story are you?

In this episode, Magnus Penker interviews the Hollywood producer, actor, performance artist, and Parsons New School of Design professor Jack Roberts! Prepare for a deep dive into what drives you and how that plays out in design and innovation terms. As Jack says, are you the victim of circumstances, or are you in control of your life?

Episode 5 · 2 months ago

Play Bold: Moonshot Projects with John Saiz

In this episode, we listen to John Saiz, former CTO of the Johnson Space Center, who explains what itís like to send people into space knowing that they might not come back. John shares insights and lessons learned from leading moonshot projects and how we can apply these to solving the challenges that we may face in our organizations and those confronting the human race. The important lessons learned have application from small projects to big complex situations and everything in between.