Play Bold: Swing hard and grow with new roles


Tonight, we have Jens Saltin, how made an unbelievable career starting in the early days at Klarna, today Europe’s higher valued FinTech Company, ending up in the global team, and now decided to start up his entrepreneurial career. 

Welcome to the philosopher, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and FinTech expert, Jens Saltin.

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Episode 12 · 4 weeks ago

Play Bold: How sport and art put light on board work

Tonight LG Frojd is my guest. He is the sports teacher who became a global advisor and sounding board for companies such as Astra Zeneca, as well as the foundation of Piet Hein, the Scandinavia's most famous designer. Today he has clients such as leading law firms, the UN, associations across the board, and many more. Your motto is that, if you do not train, you cannot win! 

Episode 11 · 1 month ago

Play Bold: Designing space underwear for Richard Branson

From Urbanauts, space yogurt, Thunderwear, leading the space week at the Swedish pavilion, during EXPO 2020 in Dubai, Cecilia Hertz has impacted the way we live by bringing space technology and design to the Planet Earth. She is determined to fix the planet with what we have learned from space. It is a mind-blowing journey and infinite possibilities. Welcome to the episode with space designer, Cecilia Hertz.

Episode 9 · 1 month ago

Play Bold: Envision the future like Medici

Maurizio Grassi is an former innovation professor, experienced management consultant, serial entrepreneur and now heading a hedge fond in Italy as well as advising family offices on building sustainable enterprises. He takes the renaissance perspective explaining how to connect the dots navigating in turbulent waters.

Episode 8 · 1 month ago

Play Bold: Bring African Ubuntu to the table

Isaiah C. Engelbrecht, member of the South African National Advisory Council of Innovation and the executive innovation director of City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality gives his insights on what need to to get people back to a very uncertain post COVID-19 future. Listen to his wisdom dealing with really hard problems and how to tackle them using African Ubuntu.