Play Bold: Melissa Rancourt, Tell me it is impossible and I do it


In the new episode of Play Bold, we have Melissa Rancourt, a Parsons New School of design professor, leading their Global Executive Masters Degree in Strategic Design & Management in Paris, NYC, and Shanghai. With her Entrepreneurial hat, one of her companies, very near and dear to her heart, is Greenlight for Girls, an organization she founded to address the issue of the declining or stagnant percentage of women in several STEM. STEM stands for science, engineering, technology & mathematics. In just a few years, it has reached more than 50,000 students, families & communities with its hands-on fun-filled science events focused on inspiring the future generation. With a team of more than 8,500 volunteers worldwide, the organization has conducted more than 300 events on 6 continents. For the work with Green Light she has been appointed as a top 100 Women in Social Enterprises. Wow, what an achievement. Meet Melissa, a design professor at the world´s leading design university, an entrepreneur, speaker, motivator, and a global game-changer for young girls. For her, nothing is impossible.

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