Play Bold: Designing space underwear for Richard Branson


From Urbanauts, space yogurt, Thunderwear, leading the space week at the Swedish pavilion, during EXPO 2020 in Dubai, Cecilia Hertz has impacted the way we live by bringing space technology and design to the Planet Earth. She is determined to fix the planet with what we have learned from space. It is a mind-blowing journey and infinite possibilities. Welcome to the episode with space designer, Cecilia Hertz.

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Season 2, Episode 1 · 2 days ago

Work hard and play hard with Johan Roos, Chief Academic Officer at HULT

In this first episode of Play Bold, the second season, we hear Johan Roos sharing insights and stories on how to transform an industry. Johan Roos is Professor and Chief Academic Officer of HULT as well as co-inventor of LEGO Serious Play, a true transformer that combines practice with research to make it happen. Let´s get into dreams, neurons, imagination, safety, curiosity, and motivation for change from a biological systems perspective. Prepare for a ride that kick-starts 2021. Welcome to Play Bold Season two.

Season 1, Episode · 1 month ago

Play Bold: Holiday Special

It has been 17 fantastic interviews with NASA executives, space designers, priests, Islamic leadership experts, super entrepreneurs, professors from the world leading universities, Hollywood folks, authors, and experts on innovation and transformations, as well as corporate executives. All possible perspectives are now compiled into the last episode of the first session of Play Bold. It is thought-provoking, fun, entertaining and features unbelievable stories that have never been revealed before. Listen and share with the world.

For all of you waiting for the book “Play Bold,” the launch date is now set for February 2nd. The next session of the podcast, Play Bold, starts on January 21st. In the meantime, Happy Holidays.

Season 1, Episode 17 · 1 month ago

Play Bold: Create your resume of failure

This is a hilarious and detailed look at creativity and research, with Professor Dr Ginger Grant, an executive coach and vice dean of applied research at Humber College in Canada. 

If you want to learn how to get executives to open up and engineers to be playful, and how to really learn from mistakes, going beyond what you thought was possible, this is the episode for you.

Season 1, Episode 16 · 1 month ago

Play Bold: Inside the brain of an entrepreneur

Niclas Carlsson might well be one of the most experienced entrepreneur coaches leading Europe’s largest network of entrepreneurs, the Founders Alliance. 

This 30-minute podcast might change your life. Get ready for a deep dive into entrepreneurship, the mind of an entrepreneur, and how entrepreneurship is going to save the world.